An Essay On How To Make A Successful Life

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There is always a way for you People always need to think their life because they don’t know what is the next step in life. It takes a long time to figure out the life. whatever it is, there is always a way for you to create your successful life. Also, we have a lot of stories to talk about people who got success. These stories usually give us encouragements. When you read these stories, it will give you a hint and show you a different way. A great example is a book named The Pact. This book wrote about three African-American young men who came from difficult families become doctors. From their childhood, three of them always got into trouble. They met each other when they took college, and they began to be good friends. So they made a pact to become a doctor together. Even sometimes they still had trouble but the pact helped them stay out of troubles. They studied hard, worked hard and kept promise their pact. They all have their different stories. One of the boys called Remark, he gave me a deep impression and he also had a lot of meaningful stories. He found his own successful way. But on the way to success, there is a lot of factors influenced him. Such as he got institution support, …show more content…

He is a smart kid who is study hard, work hard and improve by himself. From his success, we can see the most important factors that had a great influence on keeping Rameck out of trouble were institutional support, luck, and self-examination. Also, these factors brought the success to him. I’m sure when you finish read The Pact, you will found more factors which made him change success. From his story, he did find his own way. Now, we should think about ourselves. Everybody wants to be a successful person, so just remember there is always a way for you. if you keep going and trying to do something, you will make your life different and you will find your way. That way maybe is your success

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