The Sandy Hook Tragedy

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Imagine you’ve just sat down for class when you hear loud popping noises coming from the hallway. Suddenly you realize those popping noises are gunshots, they are coming closer, and you 're trapped in your classroom with only a door separating you and the shooter. Right now you 're right in the middle of the Sandy Hook School shooting. Adam Lanza was the man holding the gun, and the students in Sandy Hook were his victims. Unfortunately the students weren’t the only victims, Adam was also a victim to lack of mental health treatment for most of his own life. Mental health affects many people around the world and may have played a role in the Newtown Connecticut shooting.
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After the incident, Spring Pearl Harbor Hospital asked the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to expand the beds in Westbrook for the psychiatric ward (Maine DHHS Increasing Support to Expand Capacity for Psychiatric Services in Southern Maine). And in another article, Mary Jane Krebs President of Spring Harbor, says, In order to get the right care for mentally ill they need more psychiatric beds to make it more convenient for patients ( Maine DHHS Increasing Support to Expand Capacity for Psychiatric Services in Southern Maine). So they are urging them to get more beds so the hospital can hold and treat more patients at one time. According to Mary Mayhew, a commissioner at DHHS, people are waiting for days in the Hospital for a single bed. There are too many patients and not enough beds or caretakers (Maine DHHS Increasing Support to Expand Capacity for Psychiatric Services in Southern Maine). So the author is saying not only do they need more beds, they also need more people in the mental health care profession. However, a huge problem with mental conditions is they can go undetected and ignored for a long time. Some doctors say they don 't always have enough time or the right set of skills to handle that patient (Hopper). The author states that mental conditions are very hard to treat and diagnose. Sometimes the students …show more content…

A major topic in the following months after. When the police found Adam he had two semiautomatic handguns and a rifle with a 30- round magazine. After only five minutes of shooting in the school, he had shot off 154 bullets (Owings). Owings is warning us how dangerous guns can be in the wrong hands, and how much damage they can do in a little amount of time. Senator Terry Gerratana helped pass a bill to better the Mental Health System in Connecticut and stop gun violence in situations like Sandy Hook. They are going to crack down on those who aren 't fit to own guns (Gerratana Votes to Pass Landmark Bill to Improve Mental Health Services and Protect our Communities Legislature Passes Historic Bill in Response to Sandy Hook Tragedy). The government is passing laws to make gun laws stricter for those who aren’t in the right mind to own them, or have done things to lose their gun ownership rights. A parent of Sandy Hook, Mr. Wheeler, tell us, "I will do whatever it takes," Mr. Wheeler said, "to keep another father from having to go down this road of loss and despair and grief." It is time for those in the majority who have remained silent on this issue to join him in that commitment (Inexcusable Inaction). Mr. Wheeler believes that for everyone that hasn’t been voicing their opinion on gun control needs to. Because he knows the pain guns can cause when put in the wrong hands. So due to this tragedy people are

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