Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Second Summer Essay

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I have read the book “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Second summer”. It’s a bok for teenagers that is written by Ann Brashares and got published in 2005. The story is set in the US, mostly in Washington but also in Alabama, and it takes place in the present. The book is written in third person and you get to read a little at a time from each persons perspective. I think it 's good, because then you remember what happened to them later, instead of reading about each person in turn to when it becomes very difficult to understand when things happen. It had also become very messy if you had to read about everyone all the time. The language is quite "young", because the protagonists are teenagers. They use words such as "like" and " freak", words that adults may not use very often, but all can obviously read the book yet because it is very easy to read.

The book is about four girls who have known each other since before they were born when their mothers went to the same …show more content…

You will very easily into the story, especially if you have read the first bok. I can understand just how they are thinking and feeling and I could not put the book away from me. I like girls that the book is about, they do as they like and do not let anything stop them, but I think it is a pity that Lena hides her beauty instead of highlighting it. I also think it is good that Bridget starts to play football again, because she is so good and you’ll notice in the book that she really loves it. In my opinion it was very strongly made by Tibby to say to Alex and Maura that she did not want to be friends with them anymore and instead be with those who were counted as losers, because they really were much better friends. Carmen destroyed much for her mother, and made her so unhappy like was very lousy, but it was well done by her to arrange everything up

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