The Theme Of Corruption In Frankenstein's 'Mystery Road'

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Regardless of how a person may act, look or differ from what we believe is acceptable in our community, we must always endeavour to welcome them, acknowledge their imperfections and treat them equally as humans. Frankenstein, a novel published in 1818 and written by Mary Shelley, recounts the journey of Victor Frankenstein, a man whose burning desire for exploring the forbidden realm of science, drove him to the ends of desperation. Mystery Road, directed by Ivan Sen and released in 2013, provides a fictional representation of the challenges of various rural Indigenous communities of Australia face against the corruption of the legislative process and its ineffectiveness. Both the novel and the film highlight the need for a person to have a …show more content…

From the moment the Monster is created by Victor, he is treated as an outsider and is excluded from participtating in communal interaction. Despite the neglect he faces, the monster continues to attempt to integrate himself fully into human acknowledgement, but when anyone lays sight on the creature, he is immediately shunned and falls into outcast status. However, the only character that accepts the monster wholly is De Lacey, a blind old man who lives in the forest all by himself, who is also shunned by society, particularly his family, who has had similar experiences to the monster. De Lacey’s blindness is a blight on his family, drawing comparisons to how the moster’s unnatractiveness(Monster’s unattractiveness) affects his ability to intergrate(Integrate) with others. When the Monster is introduced in the novel, he starts out on being a kind and sensitive character. However, the lack of the monster’s connection to a sense of place in the community leads him down a dark path. The feeling of abandonment compels the monster to seek revenge against his Victor and the community for not accepting him. As a consequence(Consequently), the Monster develops a serial killer-esque mentality when he is determined for revenge. The Monster’s actions further isolates(isolate) him from Victor and the community as a whole, which drives him to run away in

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