The Theory Of Everything Essay

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The Sacrifice and Belief towards Love and Life in “The Theory of Everything”
In 1988, James Marsh was inspired by Stephen Hawking’ life after he completed the reading of “The Brief History of Time”. In 2004, Marsh had decided to spend time on writing the script by hand after reading Jane Hawking’s memoir. Eventually, James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything which was released in 2014 had been nominated for the “Best Film Movie” and the “Best Adapted Screenplay”. Hawking was really impressed and appreciated with this film. This film had revolved around the theory of love as well as life. It not only laid out the pitiful experiences that Hawking had encountered with, yet also unveiled how well did Jane Hawking and Hawking had walked past the hardships. …show more content…

Regardless of anything, Jane did not gave up on him and still insist on getting married with Hawking and pledged to spend the 2 years to its maximum. Hawking had tried to give up on his scientific research at once; fortunately their marriage had brought him courage and the motivation to carry on with his science studies. With the companion of Jane, Stephen could always fell at ease and tender as a result of having Jane because she was such an elegant and calm woman no matter what did she encounter with. In spite of Jane’s promises and expression were taciturn, they were strong and committed to him.
Hawking was an atheist; he believed that science is more reasonable to unfold the principles of the universe. On the contrary, Jane was a devout Christian. Jane expected that Hawking would believe in God one day while Hawking was spending his lifetime to prove the atheism. Times had made them to understand each other’s mind tacitly which is considered as an invaluable heritage for matrimony despite for Hawking’s logical thinking or Jane’s belief. The transition from love to family love had symbolized the maturity of their mind which had fused together. Jane was considered as a spiritual mainstay to

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