The Whale Video Analysis

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For 3 days in a row, after watching different parts of “The Whale” video, we had to write a summary on each segment. We learned about an orca whale that was lost from its family. The video showed the impact it had on the local people to it. Not only did the people love the animal, they loved his friendliness. He acted out for attention and much of the time got it. Here's what happened.
In part one of “The Whale” Luna, was only 2 years old when he got lost. When friendly Canadian boaters and fishermen locate the orca, they realize how nice the marine mammal is. He is very friendly, and tries to entertain boaters he runs into on the sea. For instance, he balances wood on his nose, and preforms nosedives for people. Everyone thinks he is lonely, so when he pops up next to boats o alongside docks, they return it with a rub. Then everyone found out he had no family, which is a little strange for whales. So now everyone thinks the whale is lost from his pod (which he is). Then the authorities got boaters attention, TO STAY AWAY FROM THE WHALE. They just wanted to protect the whale, not to upset the people. Now the people couldn’t play with the …show more content…

Luna needs to learn that people aren’t giving him attention, so he won’t go near them. This could help people in small boats because even though he is a gentle fish, he could swim under the boat and accidentally tip it over. Luna was going to get reunited with his pod by being captured. He is supposed to be lured in a giant net, then loaded onto a pickup truck, then driven hundreds of miles to a better spot. There was a problem though, as Luna was being lured into the net, the First Nation people started to rebel. They would canoe out and sing. That was enough to separate Luna from the authorities. After it happens more than once, the fisheries think they may have to come up with a new

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