Three Signs Of A Gum Problem

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Three Signs of a Gum Problem It’s important to take good care of your teeth. Tooth and gum problems can lead to bigger problems overall, which costs money and time. To avoid having to take extreme measures involving dental issues, here are three signs of a gum problem to look for. 1. Irritants If you notice redness, swelling, and slight bleeding when flossing or brushing, this could be a sign of a gum problem. If you have these symptoms constantly, it’s possible you have gingivitis, which is caused by bacterial infections. Irritated gum tissue can often bleed during flossing or brushing, or simply by applying pressure; if left untreated, it’s possible to lose teeth. 2. Receding Gums Another sign of a gum problem is if your gums have started to pull away from your teeth. You’ll notice a receding of the gum tissue. This can be painful and very sensitive to the touch, often times includes bad breath and bad tastes. The gums can recede to the point of exposing the roots, allowing infections to easily progress. If it hurts to chew and your mouth is tender, you might have a gum problem. …show more content…

Infections A third sign of a gum problem is the formation of pus and discharge coming from the gums. This is a later sign of gum damage and is very severe. The swelling and discharge from the gum tissues can cause serious pain. Teeth may start to drift and change where they set in your mouth, which can cause bone loss; this can ultimately lead to the loss of

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