Timmy In The Hood Book Report

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It's a bright sunny morning, birds are chirping and everything is great. In the Hood household Kerry gets a call from her mother Betty saying that it's her birthday tomorrow and what she wants is a Timmy and the Three Turtles or the 3T’s cd for her birthday. Karry is confused with the 3T’s being a rock band. Betty clarifies that that is what she wants. Kerry calls her daughter Little Pink to come down stairs and tells here to buy the new 3T’s cd for her grandma. Kerry gives Little Pink $50 and tells her to go buy the cd. Little Pink complains that the closest store that sells the cd is 2 miles away. Little Pink’s dad (Joe) tells Little Pink to listen to her mother. Little Pink trudges out the door listening to her favorite song Stressed Out …show more content…

Little Pink turns around to confront the man and tell him to stop fallowing him. So she turns around and starts screaming at the man without realizing that it's not the man but a teenage. Little Pink turns around and starts to speed walk away when the real man in the black coat jumps in front of her and tries to take the cd again from her and sell her the classical cd so again little pink yells at the man to stop following her and and she doesn't want to buy a cd from him. The man stops following her and a girl in a midnight purple coat that ends up being her grandma buying a cake that says happy 73 birthday Betty. Little Pink’s grandma and Little Pink walk to grandma’s house . Little Pink arrives at grandma's house before grandma and grandma is overjoyed to see what Little Pink has got her for her birthday. Grandma calls Kerry to come over for a birthday cake. 20 minutes later Kerry and Joe show up and have cake along with opening presents. The cake was chocolate and have oreo cookie pieces in it along with double chocolate oreo ice cream. And everyone lived happily ever after. Until Grandma’s next

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