Tipping In A Restaurant

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Most people do not know that servers at a restaurant make on average $2.25 plus tips in the state of Virginia. There is a tip scale where you tip your server a percentage of your bill before tax. This scale shows that 0-16 percent means that the customer received poor service, 17-20 percent is about average meaning that the customer received good service, and anything above 20 percent means that the customer received outstanding service. Unfortunately not many people know this, these people that dine in restaurant either do not understand the meaning of tipping, or they cannot afford to tip on top of their check. It is a big debate among the people in the restaurant business if customers should tip their servers or not. Whether restaurant pay…show more content…
Children do not grow up wishing for a career as a server, or hoping to receive a college degree as a server. There are a number of reason why a person becomes a server, such as not being able to find a job in their preferred field, to earn fast money while in school, to earn extra money on the side as a second job, or they do not have a college degree and they are unable to find a better job. No matter the reason to becoming a server in a restaurant you still wish to be appreciated for the hard work that you deliver, just like any other hard working person. Some restaurants will match the servers’ hourly pay, so that it will equal the states hourly minimum wage limits. That is if the server does not earn at last in their tips. With the minimum wage in Virginia being $7.25, a server that has worked five to eight hours for a week, would be making at least 253 dollar to 406 dollars before taxes on a minimum wage salary. This does not cut it for the people who are servers, because they either have a family to care for, bills to pay, or both just like anyone else. Most servers expect to make more than minimum wage. A few things that some restaurants do to help improve the tipping is by adding a tipping chart on the bottom of a customer’s check, and by also adding gratuity of 18 percent, to a customer’s check when they have a party of six people or…show more content…
Servers can usually tell who will tip well and who will not. Unfortunately, some servers do judge customers tipping methods based on their age, and race. But, no matter the race, or age of a customer it is easy to spot the bad tippers. People who always complains about everything no matter how good the service, and usually want something taken of their check. These customers are a server’s worst nightmare, and usually puts the server and other customers in a bad mood. Then you have customers that are either from out of state, or they are from another country where tipping rates are different. With these customers it is hard to be upset about because you know they do not live in the area. Something to remember for the people who are bad tippers, remember who handles your food and drinks. If you want excellent service you must give a good tip. Otherwise go to a fast food restaurant where you do not have to

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