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Make Tire Maintenance a Habit

When to Bring Your Vehicle to the Car Shop

Your car's tires are the bridge that connects your vehicle to the road. If your tires get damaged, you won’t be able to drive around conveniently. As a car owner, you must be vigilant of your tires and know exactly when to bring it to a tire shop. Here are some of the most common tire problems you have to look out for:

Center Tread Wear

The pressure of your car's tire is measured per psi. Most car owners prefer low inflation rates to make their ride smoother. However, this practice will result in a center tread wear and eventually will lower your tire’s lifespan. Aside from over-inflation, your car tire can develop
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Its condition can affect how you maneuver your vehicle. Sometimes, there are tire problems that you wouldn’t know it exists until you experience a flat tire. If you bring your car to a professional auto wheels service provider, your driving experience is bound to be a smooth and hassle-free one. Not only that, it will help you identify other problems that your car might have.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Checking the PSI level of your car's tires is vital to your driving experience. For example, inflating your tire to a lower rate may provide you with a smoother ride and let you save fuel while overinflation may cause your tire's tread to wear out. You can always check the recommended PSI level of your car by looking at the car manual or the printed number on the tire. These preventive measures are always better than a tire change.

Be wary of weird noise

Does your car frequently make weird noises or squeaking sounds when you brake or make a turn? If so, there must be something with your tire or its components. When you’re on the road, make sure to pull over and identify what’s causing the sounds. This will help you veer away from road accidents and will prevent you from being stuck on the road for a long time. If you aren’t sure of the problem, contact an auto wheels expert for tire
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Like tires, your wheels need some loving, too! Here are some helpful insights on how to maintain the functionality of your car rim.

Wash your car regularly

Your wheels accumulate heaps of dust whenever you’re out driving on the road. Even if you park your car outside, chances are high that your car wheels are exposed to dirt and other elements. Keeping them clean and gleaming is easy through car washing. Use your garden hose to spray water all over the wheels to remove dirt easily. Make sure to adjust the pressure and the head to cover a wide area when cleaning. Removing the dust and dirt regularly can greatly increase the performance of your car.

Remove brake dust

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional driver, stepping on the brake pedal is necessary when driving. Every time you step on the brakes, tiny metal powder sheds of the wheel forming brake dust and excessive buildup of these on your wheel can cause poor vehicle performance and cuts the brake pad life expectancy greatly. Remove the debris by using a large brush dipped in a detergent and you’re good to go. Make sure to use a detergent that has low acidity to prevent resorting to a rim repair
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