Today's Exhausted Superkids Summary

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Sadness is what one feels when thinking of the competitiveness of high school students today. Today’s teenagers are stressed out and sleep deprived, trying for that edge to make them better than the rest. Frank Bruni expresses this sadness in his article “Today’s Exhausted Superkids.” In the article, Bruni explains the problem with how hard today’s teenagers have to work and how it is affecting their growth, especially with sleep. Bruni states, “Before adulthood, a baseline amount is fundamental and nonnegotiable, or should be.” Everything in today’s society is enhanced and better; is it really? It is understandable to think it is not with hard-working, ambitious teenagers having to work harder to become successful. While I agree with the author about the problem with higher achieving teenagers having to deal with more to be successful including sleep deprivation, there is nothing that can be changed to fix this problem. With school, work, clubs/organizations, social life, and family, teenagers nowadays have to juggle everything while still maintaining an enjoyable life. From my personal experience, juggling all of these expectations and responsibilities is a very difficult thing to do. Teenagers, like me, still want to be a teenager and go out and have fun…show more content…
The organization was also quite scattered in making the reader have a hard time following the text. Bruni’s evidence was relevant to the response but seemed to be the only thing in the response. In conclusion, Frank Bruni, was not successful with his response to supporting over-worked teenagers. The main reason for his ineffectiveness being he did not support his ideals with actions or reasoning, because nothing can be done to fix this issue of teenagers having to do more to be successful in today’s
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