Tourism In Iceland Case Study

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1.1. Rationale

Tourism in Iceland is booming. In 2015 Iceland welcomed 1,289,140 foreign tourists. That is an increase of 163,8 percent since 2010. Although the expansion of the tourism industry of Iceland has had a positive effect on the economy of Iceland the increase of tourism creates pressure on the preservation of the Icelandic nature. More than 75 percent of the Icelandic population believes that tourism puts too much of a strain on the nature of the island (Óladóttir, 2016, p. 24). The country is at a turning point in which the focus shifts from increasing the number of foreign visitors towards the increase of sustained responsibility regarding the preservation of both the local culture and the national environment (PKF,
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499-508). Only one in twenty tourists acts with sustained responsibility during their purchase and consumption stage (appendix 1) (Chafe, 2005). This might indicate a gap between the attitude tourists have and choices tourists make towards sustainable tourism (Budeanu, 2007, pp. 499-508). Internal constraints limiting tourist from sustained responsible behaviour come from the lack of knowledge on sustainable tourism, the ability to understand the negative impact caused by their acts and the belief that one person cannot make a difference (Shove & Warde, 2002, pp. 230-252; Mont, 2004, pp. 135-153). In order to steer tourist towards sustained responsibility, more knowledge and a better understanding about sustainable behaviour patterns is necessary. Budeanu (2007, pp. 499-508) states that a way to increase sustained responsibility is by persuading and educating tourists to make them aware about sustainable tourism. Research has shown that once tourist knows they are using sustainable services, they tend to use it longer (Hertwich, 2005, pp. 85-99). Therefore, a clear explanation of ways to avoid unsustainable services can increase sustained responsible behaviour (Budeanu, 2007, pp.

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