Troy: What Makes Achilles A Greek Hero

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“Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn't that be a sight” This is a quote from the movie troy. This really does explain him pretty well. Achilles who was technically a mortal man but his mother held him by the achilles which is the achilles tendon, who was brave and handsome man who fought in the trojan war and fought vigorously till the very end. He was the son of thetis and peleus. Both zeus and poseidon loved the tsi. But they both backed out when the prophecy said that the son of thetis would be stronger than there father. Well obviously peleus married thetis and achilles was born. THe things that make him heroic are his bravery in battle, background of royalty , his nobility and finally a usual death.

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Well his father was the king of king of the island Ageni. His mother a sea nymph was not royalty but i like to think of her as royalty. My reasoning because Zeus and also the great poseidon wanted to marry her. So she must have been really pretty if it got the attention of some of the great gods of Mount olympus. Also I think he should be a greek god because of his nobleness. This is do think ties in with royalty because noble i think is a very honorable thing. He was very noble he fought in the trojan war. He asked his mother to talk to zeus. But with all noble people he had one flaw. When his mother dipped in that river where she was holding by ( the achilles). He was noble because in the trojan war he commanded 50 ships with 50 crewman. Also he was the general of the trojan army. He fought hard but when he fought hector when he finished him off while his brother shot an arrow it hit him in his only weak spot his achilles. In the quizlafactions to to be a greek hero you had to be born of royalty and also have to be noble and have one vitial weak spot and in this case with achilles it was his achilles. He was also noble well become a general is not easy and he did it so easy and well that is very

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