Twenty One Pilots Poetic Techniques

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When approached with the question of whether or not a person could live without music, most would answer that music is an essential piece of life. Music invokes emotions buried deep within ourselves, revealing unknown energy, thoughtfulness, rage, joy, melancholy, etc. Each genre conjures up unique feelings for each individual, some being unable to even pinpoint what the particular song makes them feel. When the song’s tune contradicts the lyrics, people are often tangled up in what the message of the song is actually trying to convey. Such is the band Twenty One Pilots, whose vexing melodies have captured millions of hearts, mine included. Twenty One Pilots is most known for their upbeat tunes, yet deep, meaningful lyrics. In the matter of …show more content…

The melody of their first song pumped through the air with the rush of adrenaline, voices mingling together to compose the chorus of Fairly Local. The buzz that coursed through the Center was indescribable. Thousands of cries became one as people of all origins united for one cause--to hear the symphony of sounds that Twenty One Pilots was creating with each chord and beat. Hearts pounding and throats aching, the crowd hung onto every word coming out of Tyler Joseph’s mouth, until we all were intoxicated by the music. About two hours later, the Skeleton Clique (people of the Twenty One Pilots unofficial fanbase) dispersed as the concert came to a close, awestruck by what we had all witnessed. Between all the jumping and belting lyrics, I was completely exhausted, though still jittery from the adrenaline. I was left with the feeling of craving for more live performances by Twenty One Pilots, and hoped that I could go to more concerts in the future. After this summer experience, I have realized that music is something that every person should treasure, no matter their personality. Music is significant in many parts of one’s life, from birth to death. Music has carried every one through life, from the lullabies sung in the nursery at the hospital, to high school dances, to wedding receptions, to the music played at funerals. Cherish the music in life, for it is always gone too

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