Unilever Case Study

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2.1 Introduction It is literally impossible to find a person in Pakistan who does not know about Lux, Lifebuoy or Sun silk shampoo. From the people from rural zones to the urban areas, everyone recognizes these products. May be they do not know very well about the company that has been producing these amazing products over the years but they definitely like to use these. Well, the innovator and producer of these revolutionary products is the globally recognized company- Unilever. Unilever- a British-Dutch based company is one of the oldest and most renowned multinational companies in the world. It is the third largest consumer goods company owning over 400 brands available in around 190 countries in the world. Unilever Pakistan Ltd., being a subsidiary of the Unilever in Pakistan has also become one of the leading multinational business firms in the world of industry. To maintain the quality and to make the brands more popular among the consumers the employees of Unilever works hard and takes those projects that will best suit the company. They analyze the markets properly, tries to forecast the scenario in advance, takes proper steps, makes arrangements and does business as pre-planned. Each and every department has specific responsibilities to perform but the overall objective is the same- achieve the company’s ultimate goals by providing the consumers with innovative and healthy products that will add vitality and will ensure a sustainable environment for all. 2.2

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