Us Vs Lopez Essay

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Lopez won the U.S. V. Lopez case making it important because in terms of congressional power since it would go against the rights given in article 1 section 8 number 10 that says, “To define and punish…offences against the Law of Nations. Aside from that it would have an effect on interstate commerce, thing that congress regulates as mentioned in article 1 section 8 number 3. Since Lopez won, the laws for the state had to change causing the state to have its own rules and punishments from the ones for the whole U.S. The Lopez case is an implied power due to article 1 and has many cons. The case of Lopez is considered implied power because his case went against the power of congress. In article 1, congress has the power to define and punish …show more content…

People will not want to live there because of the fright of being a victim, causing this to be empty job spots and lost of money. Aside from affecting commerce, and safety, it would bring conflict to the education of kids. It will hurt their future education and aside from that, if students are packed with heat, teachers are not going to want to go to school and teach. Teachers will feel threaten and unsafe. However, Lopez won the case because he argued that there is nothing in article 1 that says they can pass laws saying that guns are illegal in schools. Also there is no link to police power so there was not enough evidence or laws in favor of congress. I believe that the supreme made the right decision at first because he shouldn’t even have a gun in the first place. 1
The precedent that Youngstown v. Sawyer created was the Taft Hartley act. The Taft Hartley act gives the power to the president to seize the union. It said that in order to solve a labor dispute like if it threatens the security of the country, then the president could seize control of the union and prevent the union from striking. The president can only carry the laws passed by congress limits him, and the constitution also limits him. President Truman constitutionally justifies the seizure of the nation’s steel mills since there is a war going

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