Utah's Finest Hospital Case Study

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“To be Utah’s Finest Hospital” is the goal of St. Mark’s Hospital staff. This is seen in all areas of the hospital such as the cardiac rehabilitation gym with hard working employees, excellent health care such as prescriptive exercises and educational/emotional support. A cardiac rehabilitation specialist is person to design an exercise program, after a heart surgery such as a bypass or stent, because a patient was referred by a doctor. He or she usually studied physiology, physical therapy, nursing or respiratory therapy from a university or college. Norlando Gomez is a middle aged man from Honduras who works as a cardiac rehabilitation specialist at St. Mark’s Hospital in after an internship in a Cottonwood Height triage office. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science Fitness at the University of Utah. He is certified in Basic …show more content…

Mark’s Hospital, Mr. Gomez spends his morning seated behind a computer monitor and blood glucose testing machines to observe patients exercising on various machines and weights while in a typical rehabilitation program for six to eight weeks with sessions being 50 to 120 minutes long. When patients with diabetes have low blood glucose upon arrival, he hands them a small can of juice to prevent fainting. He uses the program Q-Tel RMS to check the electrocardiograms for any irregular patterns. When anomalies occur, he will stop the patient and check on how she or he is feeling. He may need to refer them to another floor to be seen by another healthcare professional such as a cardiologist to find out what is going on. These patients are aged 38 to 102! In the cardiac rehabilitation gym, the usual education, such as risk factors and signs of stroke, concerning heart health is given. Once a month, a nutritionist will hold a class to discuss a desired topic such as fats or how to cook heart healthy meals during the holiday season. This is a popular class as family members attend and ask

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