Utopian Society In The Anthem And The Giver

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Anthem and The Giver are almost alike. In both the book and the movie, utopian societies are portrayed through idealistic systems and community framework. The Giver depicts a people of which past memory of human civilization and emotion does not exist. In addition, people living in this society can only view their surroundings in black and white. Jonas, the main character, is assigned as the Receiver of Memory. Through his lessons with The Giver, Jonas learns about past human society, and he begins to view his world with color. Society in the Anthem is also described as utopian. When children reach the age of five, they are placed in a hall called, Home of the Infants. These children then do not have contact with their parents as the state is responsible for their care. At the ages of five and fifteen, they become placed in Home of the Students and later in the Home of the Street Sweeper. As adults, they work to sweep the street. In this community system, individuals are not able to communicate with one another for friendship and developing theoretical and material innovations are nonexistent. Society in The Giver might is better to live in than that of Anthem because Anthem oftentimes is shown to limit individuals from creating new ideas and practices, communicating with one another, and choosing a job of …show more content…

Instead, they all have the same situation that their leader chooses a job for their community. However, The Anthem has no better job because communities have to sweep the street only and worked for a long time. In The Giver has a better job because communities can work anytime, and all jobs are clean. Another reason is the feelings about their job. In the Anthem, communities get tired a lot and disinterested. In The Giver, communities have no emotion because they take a medication in the morning every day, so the medication will reduce community’s

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