Value Chain Analysis: Revlon's Primary And Core Values

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The value chain analysis aims to identify and evaluate the contribution that Revlon’s primary and support activities make to the organization’s overall value added.
Revlon’s resources sever as a basis for its operations whilst deliver value-added to the entity.
Revlon obtained certain capabilities to deploy its existing resources in an efficient manner throughout the whole organization.
To better identify the sustainable competitive advantages of the entity, Revlon’s resources are categorized in accordance with VRIO framework as follows.
The capabilities and resources fulfilled all the four criteria of VRIO framework provide Revlon significant competencies to create competitive advantages (Kumar, 2016). The competitive implication signifies that patented ingredients, proprietary technology and brand recognition are the resources delivering Revlon sustainable competitive advantages. To stay ahead of the competition, Revlon should exploit all its resources appropriately and develop its competitive advantage to be sustainable.
Revlon possesses certain core competencies which make the organization outstanding from its competitors. These core competencies serve as a source of differential advantages for Revlon (Winston,, et al., 2013).
Except rivalry from multi-national organizations in both the Consumer and Professional segments, Revlon also wrestles with growing private label and store-owned brands in the Consumer segment. The following chart shows the primary competitive

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