Violation Of Academic Integrity

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East Carolina University defines academic integrity as the cornerstone value of the intellectual community. Violation of academic integrity, or academic dishonesty, is defined as any activity that exhibits dishonesty in the educational process or that compromises the academic honor of the university. There are many different forms of violations of academic integrity. Some of these include cheating, defined as unauthorized aid or assistance or the giving or receiving of unfair advantage on any form of academic work. Plagiarism is defined as copying the language, structure, ideas, and/or thoughts of another and adopting the same as one’s own original work. The next form is falsification or fabrication, defined as a statement of any untruth, either…show more content…
Cheating is defined as unauthorized aid or assistance or the giving or receiving of unfair advantage on any form of academic work. More specifically, this essay focuses on receiving unauthorized answers and gaining an unfair advantage on a quiz that the student was ill prepared for. But what motivates students to cheat? As it turns out, students believe they have many reasons to cheat. They could be concerned with their performance, and the need to succeed. There could be academic pressure such as an already heavy workload, or having to study for one or more classes already. There could likely be pressure put on the students by their parents, a demanding job outside of school, or the pressure to maintain a good GPA to maintain a scholarship or financial aid. Lastly, students could simply be lazy or ill prepared for a particular assignment, or students may be willing to help their friends or classmates that are struggling, not knowing that this does not help the student at all. The goal of a university education is to learn, and that cannot be done by receiving all work from other students, or other sources. If academic dishonesty goes unscathed, there will be negative consequences. Most people think that cheating on one test or plagiarizing one sentence in a paper is not a big deal, but even if a student never gets caught, they did not genuinely learn anything, and that is the meaning of the…show more content…
When a student cheats, especially those students that cheat often, they are essentially obtaining a false degree. In a worst case scenario, for example, a student were to cheat in their classes all through medical school, obtain a degree, and then become a doctor. They did get through school with a perfect GPA. But the problem is, this doctor has not retained any information and does not know how to perform a surgery. This is a far-fetched example, many people perhaps believe. But in reality, 75% of students admit to cheating in school. In May 2012, a government professor at Harvard University noticed a similarity in final exams in a particular class. Upon closer examination, he discovered that 125 students—over half of the entire class—had cheated on the exam. Harvard is known as one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, with some of the brightest young minds in attendance. If academic dishonesty can happen in a school like Harvard University, it can happen at any other university, and people have pondered how to stop
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