War On England In The 1800's

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It was the beginning of the 1800’s. America was still establishing itself as a new nation. At the time, Britain was the greatest naval power in the world. Yet America, once again, declared war on Britain. The war of 1812 had an immense impact on the new nation’s future. Throughout this war, America suffered several defeats but ultimately arose victorious and began to establish herself as the leading world influence. But what factors drove the U.S. to declare war on England and what was our gain as a result of this war? The U.S. declared war on England because they had violated our neutrality rights and we ultimately emerged from the war stronger and more nationalistic. In 1807, the British seized an American vessel, the Chesapeake, and detained some of the American crewman and forced them to serve in their Navy. One man, Jenkins, who had once “joined” the British navy and then deserted, was hung by the British for his trespasses. This move outraged the Americans and they demanded war. Jefferson, president at the time, decided against war and instead set forth the Embargo Act. This Act stopped all trade with Great Britain. This act was later repealed by Madison and replaced with a bill that stated that it would only close trade with those that failed to respect neutral rights. Of course, Britain payed no attention to these …show more content…

In the end, America arose stronger, sufficient, and more nationalistic. Britain was being unreasonable. We had to do fight back. Britain wasn’t playing by the established American rules. Therefore, war was inevitable. Before the War of 1812, America was weak and somewhat divided. After the War of 1812, America was strong and united. The War of 1812 was a second independence. We loudly proclaimed a second time that we were now an independent country and this time, the world

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