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The Assyrians are a group of people that came from the northern part of Mesopotamia. Their flat, exposed land made them easy for other people to attack them. The empire lasted from about 850 B.C. to 612 B.C. It is believed that they may have developed their warlike behavior in response to invasions. Through constant warfare, Assyrian kings were able to eventually build an empire that stretched from east and north of the Tigris River all the way to central Egypt. The Assyrians were all in all, a powerful empire The Assyrian soldiers were well equipped for conquering an empire. Using ironworking technology, the soldiers covered themselves in stiff leather and metal armor. They wore copper or iron helmets, padded loincloths, and leather skirts layered with metal scales. Their weapons consisted of iron swords …show more content…

The Assyrians governed lads closest to Assyria as provinces and made them dependent territories. The Assyrian kings chose their rulers or had supportive kings who aligned themselves with Assyria. The Assyrian system of having local governors report to a central authority became the fundamental model of administration, or system of government management. Additionally, military campaigns added new territories to the empire. These additional lands brought taxes and tribute to the Assyrian territory. If the people in the conquered territory refused to pay, the Assyrians destroyed their city and sent people into exile. These methods allowed Assyrians to effectively govern an extended empire. Ashurbanipal was one of the last mighty Assyrian kings. The cruelty towards people that was displayed by the Assyrians, had earned them enemies. Shortly after Ashurbanipal’s death, Nineveh fell. In 612 B.C., a combined army of Medes, Chaldeans, and others burned and leveled Nineveh. Most people in the region rejoiced at Nineveh’s

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