Was Christopher Columbus A Success Or A Failure?

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Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 and he died in 1506. Columbus was an explorer from Spain. His most famous voyage was when he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to attempt to Asia. He did not arrive in Asia but he arrived in the Caribbean. Where he encountered the Native Americans. Most people would say this voyage was a success but I’m hear to tell you that, that’s not necessarily the case.
Christopher Columbus had many success on his many journeys. One success that he had was that he was correct about the Earth being round. People told Columbus that he was a fool and that he was an idiot for thinking the world is round because they thought that the world was flat. So he set off on a journey to get to Asia. Many thought that he would fall off the edge of the Earth. Another success was that he created trade routes. On his fourth voyage when he arrived in Panama he set up trade post. The trade post help trade in the America. The final reason he was a success was that he brought back gold to the king and queen. On his fourth voyage Columbus found gold. He hoped that since he had found gold that the king and …show more content…

One failure he had was that he was not the first to discover the Americas. In fact, the vikings were the first to discover the Americas. The next reason he was a failure was that he did not reach Asia. His goal was for Asis but he did not make it to Asia. Another reason he was a failure was that he thought that the Earth was a lot smaller than it actually was. His calculations made him think they had arrived in Asia because he thought the world was a lot smaller. The final reason Columbus was a failure was that when he returned to Spain after his first voyage he had to leave 43 of his men behind because one of his ships had wrecked. When he returned to where he had left them he found that they had all been killed by the natives. Those were some of the reasons that Christopher Columbus was a

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