Washington Medical Center Strategic Plan

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Washington medical center strategic plan 2016- 2017 strategic plan overview

Washington medical center has committed to a strategic planning process design to prepare the organization and the profession to respond to the rapidly changing healthcare environment. The plan will help ensure Washington medical center’s ongoing value to healthcare leaders as they worked to improve care delivery and population health. Based on input from the membership, chapter leaders and regions, the Washington medical Center board of governors has developed this strategic plan to direct organizational focus over the next three to five years.

Strategic plan development and process
Washington medical center conducts a systematic annual planning process to develop …show more content…

The goals are supported by a number of objectives that further define specific accomplishments to pursue with in the plan horizon. Each objective provides guidance for designing and implementing programs of work, defining the areas of research and exploration and increasing customer value. For example, Washington medical center’s plan to “convene thought leaders to identify and address trends, issues and opportunities and …” Will be an ongoing series of initiatives and investment that will position Washington medical center have a thought leader and the result in a vibrant, informed and engaged member community.

• Raise awareness, height, and perceived value among senior healthcare executives by leveraging existing membership relationships.
• Demonstrate the value of the Washington medical center Joint Commission accreditation to current, new and emerging …show more content…

Number of cooperative engineering efforts Increase
How do our customers perceive us?
Customer partnership To continuously. Improve satisfaction.
reduce complaints Satisfaction, market share,
Profitability Number of customer complaints Increase brand awareness and perceived value among shareholders and customers
Internal Business - At what processes Should we excel? To continuously improve business processes
Objective: increase productivity Innovation - how well the company identifies the customer future needs.
Operations - measures of quality, cycle time, and cost, productivity Average output per employee Increase
L & G
Innovation, What should we learn to grow? To continuously develop and deliver new innovative p&s Training, skills, Technology

Climate for action of culture

Initiative – Plan, Proposal, Project, Program
Strategic Objective, Purpose, Aim, Intent, Reason
Fact-based, Real, Actual, Tangible,

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