Wedding Essay: How To Save Money On A Wedding

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How to Save Money on a Wedding

We all know a wedding can be a big affair and and trying to find an affordable or cheap wedding venu is enough to drive you to drink! But fear not, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to save money on a wedding. We’ve put together a bunch of the best budget wedding ideas and tips into a complete “how to have a cheap wedding’ guide. So that you can save on the big day without comprising on your dream wedding - letting you have your (wedding) cake and eat it!

1: Wedding Budget Planning Starts With the: “Yes!”

There are so many expenses from the, “Yes,” to the “I do,” so starting off within budget is your first step to keeping your wedding costs down. If you’re looking for an engagement ring or you’re shopping
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First check if the venue allows it for no additional costs, and then get creative. Bring your own booze and create some signature cocktails for the wedding to get the party going. It’s fun and will help control the amount of drinks your guests have.

6: That Dreaded Wedding Guest List

One of the biggest ways how to save on a wedding is to cut the guest list! We know this is a tricky affair with distant aunties and long lost college friends, but the more people you invite, the more expensive your wedding will be. Work out the number you can afford according to your wedding budget checklist and get cutting!

A great way to do this is by inviting the people who are in your life at the moment. If you haven’t seen or spoken to them in a long time, then you may be able to cut them from your list. Invite people who know your fiancé; the people who have spent time with both of your as a couple and are a part of your current life.

7: Cheap Wedding Cards & Invites

Wedding invites can throw your wedding budget plan faster than you can chicken or fish! Here are two ways how you can save on a wedding with cheap weddings cards and

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