Western Civilization Chapter 2 Review Questions

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Western Civilization 2 Review Questions 1. What was “the biological old regime,” and how did it arise from the invention of agriculture? -Deaths were up and birthrate was down, this created “The biological old regime.” As people’s lives transformed into an agriculture world several things occurred. Disease began to develop among the people, as the rate of animals increased. Farmers had no proper place for their livestock’s waste and it therefore got into their water. This began to slowly bring forth disease. Malnutrition wasn’t a direct cause of the regime, but, it did impact the birth rate. With poor diets, babies were born unhealthy or a still birth occurred. The population took a huge hit, because of the still births and unhealthy babies being born. But, the cause of the Biological Old Regime, can be connected back to agriculture. If it hadn’t been for the increased farming, …show more content…

The Sumerians were the first to come up with their own written language. They believed that “their political and economic relationships had reached a level of complexity that required permanent record-keeping” (Hause/Maltby, 16). Hieroglyphics was the writing style of Egypt. Their writing was in picture form, used for correspondence, documents, and to record everyday life. Egypt also developed their own mathematical skills. Land surveyors needed these skills after the floods, and also while the architects built the pyramids. Although, Mesopotamia was known more for their math skills than Egypt. The Phoenicians had one of the greatest developments of all, when they developed the alphabet. It helped solve a literacy problem, because of its simplicity. These new advancements were helping develop the societies into more educated humans. Their laws were being recorded, their buildings were being structured correctly, and they could communicate with each

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