What Are The Arguments Against Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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It is average for a student in high school to take multiple standardized tests that judge how successful they will be in the future. Students tend to be stressed out, under pressure and try to cram everything they’ve learned from the past 18 years of their lives into their head for a test that may mean success or failure. In my opinion, standardized tests should not be mandatory to take for multiple reasons such as people may not be excellent test takers and other factors that come into play when an important day comes up; illnesses, stomach ache, stress, homework, studying and lack of sleep.

Standardized testing does not truly test one’s intelligence. It does not let one think for themselves or develop their own thoughts or intellectual …show more content…

For example, Source 2 talks about how tests can be used for improvement and encouraging nudges. They also mention that one can conquer testing anxiety.This is not accurate. Testing anxiety does not just wash away if you keep drilling tests into a kid’s brain. I also don’t understand how it can improve one’s skills. This is a standard test given to everyone, this doesn’t test anyone’s abilities or skills that they have been practicing for the entire year. Standardized tests can not test a student’s knowledge on the things that they have been learning about. Source 3 would agree with me and say that tests can not be used for improvement. They would say to Source 2, instead of just laying out statements they should bring some facts into the case as to how more tests means less testing anxiety.

In conclusion, standardized testing should not be mandatory. It should not be used to evaluate teachers either due to the fact that their students may or may not be able to take a test without test anxiety, Furthermore, a standard test does not test one’s knowledge on what they are being taught on their schools because it is a standard test given to everyone. Standardized tests do more harm than help our

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