What Are The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing is a common way of measuring a students progress and performance in school. The tests may vary by different schools and grades and it usually takes up a large portion of students total time. Although it is purposely designed to be consistent and accurate tool, it isn 't. Many question the effectiveness of standardized testing. Standardized testing is an inaccurate assessment because it does not effectively judge the students ability to learn or understand material, it can not always be objective and fair, and does not take into account the student 's real and true understanding. Standardized test marks based on the students performance on the competitiveness of the exam, and little on their actual knowledge or skills. To get full mark, students need to be error free, to finish within the time limit, and to follow the rules. For these reasons, students worry about everything but what they need to be focusing on. As a result, these factors often cause students to be stressed and get anxiety before and during the test which ultimately hurts their scores. Standardized testing should not be a thing anymore, or at least not as big of a thing and it definitely shouldn 't be the biggest deciding factor for colleges.…show more content…
A big disadvantage of standardized testing is that it’s easy to interpret a student’s score as the sole judgement of that student’s ability. There are many cases where students have demonstrated clear understanding within a subject or concept through various assessments, but aren’t as skilled at taking multiple choice tests. Nevertheless, it can be hard on a student if they feel that they didn’t perform as well as they’d like. In worst case scenarios, instead of determining the entire picture of learning through a review of all assessment data with their teachers, a student might determine their success based on a standardized test score that is taken once a
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