What Are The Pros And Disadvantages Of Amoeba

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Q 1 A) What are the various Pros and Cons of the amoeba management structure?
1) As we know that in Amoeba management structure number of members is small, so the results appear immediately, thus it is easy to give personnel, a sense of ownership.
2) It is easy to develop and identify leadership Quality & management skills using the amoebas.so we can get best from good ones.
3) Since the profitability metrics of an amoeba are unified it is easy to weed out the competition between Amoebas.
4) Amoeba management gives diagnostic controlled mechanism to make adjustment as needed, like price, quantity, delivery as per the market situations. So that loss can be minimised.
5) As this creates short target based groups it can easily identify the ability of person to work in pressure
6) It develops Entrepreneurial culture in the Organization
7) As this structure is performance based it will not feed the infertile employees. ..
1) Amoeba is mainly focused on its own profitability & growth, thus making it easy to pursue the interests of the amoeba over those of the company as a whole.
2) It takes time to calculate the "profit per hour." If not calculated fairly, this method cannot be used as an adequate evaluation of profitability, or as a comparison against other amoebas.
3) This can be useful to achieve short term goals. But might not be giving long-term goal as this work as target base management structure
4) As this structure needs continuous profit, sometimes team

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