Essay About A Day In My Life

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Every day in life we always learn something new. I also learned when I joined habitat of humanity trip. At first, I think the trip will be great with a lot of my friends. When I arrived at the trip, things had all turnaround. I saw a lot of people without their house causing them diseases. I changed my thinking that the world wasn’t that great. People were suffering and always fighting to get their house. I saw a lot of their sad face. I thought to myself even these people who weren’t educated still fight for their life. Then why don’t I fight for my life since I have more than them. During my lifespan, I have a lot of difficult things to work on, but sometimes it is too hard for me. Therefore, in school, I always remember that I’m not only …show more content…

I served as a quality checker by examining materials that it worked properly. My purpose was not money, but it was an experience and new insight to the world.Working in Thai’s temple as a community service shape me to become a collaborator and enlighten person. At first, I was the kid who played around in the house. However, when I walked pass a beggar on the overhead bridge, I felt sorry and concerned about their life. I felt that I should do something to get rid of this problem. Therefore, I started helping the adult. I think that they should get treated with the same opportunity equal to us. Once they reached age 60, their family left them in the temple since they thought that adult is useless. However, I felt that they were very pathetic. It was their mom and dad, still they eliminated them. My goal was to help them to become as happy as possible, recovering their life back. I was doing it by playing games and helping their work. I massaged and talked with them. When I saw their smiley face, I was happy with them. I felt that I achieved my goal. This activity helped me to become more collaborative and learned that everyone’s life is not perfect. I’m willing to work harder to meet my

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