What Is My Favorite Hobby Essay

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Almost everyone has their own hobby; whether it’s a pastime, gathering certain things, or maybe something we take our time enthusiastically perfecting. In my opinion, I would have never thought I even had a hobby. In fact, I was not sure what a hobby was. Then I thought about it and appreciated that my hobby was gardening. Hobbies are enjoyable activities that give pleasure and recreation. It is a means of escaping from the strain and the boredom of our daily routine of duties. So, the hobby is important for the good gratification of life. My preferred hobby is gardening because it delivers me a sense of pride, harmony, and, inspires a healthy lifestyle and is cost-efficient. Gardening benefits me by keeping me fit, strong and healthy. Occupied away in my garden brings me a beneficial kind of exercise that is good for both emotionally and physically. Frantic work agendas and a continuous use of electronic devices …show more content…

A tastefully designed yard can add cosmetic appeal to a house and, in turn, increase the overall value of one’s home. Besides adding monetary value, a garden can help one sell their house faster than the average homeowner. Gardening also realigns one with the origins of their food. After I started to care for my own vegetables and herbs, I became more conscious of my overall diet; this is something that relates to me straight away. Gone are the days when I would be eating fast food on a frequent basis. These days, I have a healthy salad for lunch and try to avoid anything too greasy after work. I believe gardening would have similar impacts on anyone else who has had an unhealthy lifestyle. Gardening is a great way to teach kids about responsibility. Kids learn that they must take care of their seeds each day for them to become healthy plants. To help children, you can make a checklist that kids can follow to make sure they are caring for their plant correctly on a daily

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