What Is Sustainable Architecture

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Sustainable Architecture and Houses in Zanzibar

The traditional Architecture of Africa has always been sustainable. The idea of constructing buildings to adapt to the environment was one of the goals of modern architecture during the colonial times. Because of the climate, which exist in Zanzibar, hot, humid or sometimes dry climates. The colonialists’ building agendas included plans to regulate the inside climate of their buildings through both design and natural means, such as passive daylight and cross ventilation. Such buildings achieved their objectives through a variety of means: orientation, long eaves, pitched roofs with ventilation openings, shading, elevating the buildings so as to allow wind to circulate below them, and also by
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Such as, having a good economical growth, we will face the reduction of the poverty in a society. And by having a balance, the dream of solving the problems for labor levels of the society will be done. And this is the solution for having sustainability in terms of economic.
Although Africa has been frequently described as featuring disconnect between urbanization and economic growth but in reality most of the economic growth that has been taken place in the past decade derives from mainly urban based sectors. (kessides 2005)
The growth of cities favors poverty reduction in several ways. By creating a wider and deeper labor market and facilitating the provision of services. Urban areas experience both concentrated demand, and offer the widest options of supply, for both jobs and services. Which means by creating more opportunities, for finding jobs and proper work with a income that won’t consider the people as a workers, They would have more options and deeper and better facilities. (kessides
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As an illustration, in Tanzania about 2,000,000 housing units per year are arbitrary (unplanned settlements).
But in contrary, Tanzania is doing a number of programs to increase and improve housing condition in the country. One of these recent programs include formalization of properties in unplanned settlements (a program known in Kiswahili as MKURABITA), The world Bank is implementing Community Infrastructure Upgrading in parts of the major cities, and is transforming the National Housing Corporation to deliver as master developer initiative. ((MP) 2012) Some programs aim to provide subsidized rental accommodation to low-income households, generally in multi-unit buildings in central urban areas. While there were municipal council flats in the apartheid era, social housing options have not until recently figured strongly in the national low-cost housing program. (goebel 2007)
There are some specific programs toward having sustainable city in Zanzibar.
One of these programs, started on 1998. They had five working steps, which at the end, they have defined some objectives. Which were as

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