Gun Control In America Essay

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As the lives of seventeen students were taken away this valentine's day, in the most recent school shooting at Douglas High School, great controversy has erupted on the topic of gun control in America. Teens and parents across the world, have come together to protest the broken system that has greatly devastated so many families. As the discussion of gun control spreads, many turn to the NRA and political leaders to blame, but are these the people at fault? In the article, America's Unique Gun Violence Problem Explained in 17 Maps and Charts, German lopez writes, “ America has 4.4 percent of the world’s population, but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world.” These statistics explain americas lead in gun ownership well supported by both the NRA and the U.S second amendment. As the shootings increase so do the issues. People now question raising age restrictions on gun ownership,performing mental and regular background checks, or arming teachers. In all this debate most people can agree that this is not a two sided issue.The …show more content…

Many student leaders have risen from this tragic event such as emma gonzalez in the movemoent towards gun reform. Sadly enough, only after this tragic event occured did people stand up and deal with the problem of gun violence.The AR-15 and similar assault style rifles should be banned from the public and mental health evalluations should rregulaly be implemented. Many political leaders arise and argue that people such as emma gonazalez should not be able to propse or argue for gun laws with little knowledge of the system and openly because of their young age, but as Noah Trevor put it, If kids are old enough to be shot they’re old enough to have an opinion about being shot. Gun violence is growing and without these regulations and differences put aside so will the

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