Who Is Garrett Morgan An African American Inventor

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Garrett Augustus Morgan, was an African-American inventor. He was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4,1877. Although he only completed elementary school education, he is one of the country's most successful African American inventors. Garrett Morgan was a generous person that thought about his community and the safety of the people in it. His inventions helped many and is still used till this following day. Garret Morgan is known for not one but two major inventions, the making of the gas mask and the traffic signal. His inventions benefited millions of lives and is continuing to save many more.

Born in the nineteenth century to former slaves. He was one out of 11th children. Garrett Morgan was only educated to a sixth grader level. But like …show more content…

In 1916 in which he and three others used the safety hood device he had invented to save many workers trapped inside a underwater tunnel, fifty feet beneath Lake Erie. The rescue mission was a success, and requests for the masks began flowing in.
Similarly, Garrett Morgan's other popular invention, the traffic signal was also made to help save people's lives. After seeing an accident occur on the road, he decided that there was a device needed to keep cars, trucks and pedestrians from coming in conflict with each other . His traffic signals were designed to stand on the corner of streets and alert vehicles and walkers on whether they should go or stop.

Garret Morgan died in Cleveland, on August 27,1963. He helped and saved many lives worldwide, including lives of firefighters, soldiers and drivers with his inventions. His work provided the blueprint for many modern-day inventors and engineers that came years later. He accomplished many things without even getting a collage or Highschool education. Garret Morgan taught me that Anythings possible if you try hard enough and believe in yourself. "If you can be the best, then why not try to be the best?"-Garret

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