Why Are Amendments Important

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Importance of the Amendments The amendments are alterations to the constitution. They are rewritten rules, basically. Amendments are important to the United States because they add essential “rules” that the constitution had left out and without certain amendments, the United States’ government and way of living would be a lot different. Amendments 1, 13, 15, 19, and 26 are the amendments that I believe add the most valuable ideas to the Constitution. The first amendment allows freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, and petition. The reason I feel this is one of the most important amendments is because people say the United States is free. If this amendment was not a part of the Constitution the United States of America could not be considered free. If everyone was forced to believe in the same religion as everyone else even though it’s not what they truly believe would be confining. To take away a person’s right to speak how how want and to control what can or cannot be said would be imprisoning. Without those rights I feel that the U.S. would be facing a lot more crime. They would have to punish everyone who practiced a different religion, …show more content…

This revision to the constitution has helped reshape America’s mindset towards the races that were being forced into slavery. If the United States still approved of slavery there would be much more hatred towards our country than there is now. Without the banishment of slavery, North America could not be considered the home of the brave and land of the free. It is not brave to look down on other human beings only because they look differently. It is not brave to make other human beings do harsh work that the White Americans feel is too rough to do themselves. It is not the land of the free if only half of the citizens in the country are free. This is why the thirteenth amendment was so

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