Why Did The Mongols Blend Their Culture

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The Mongols were easily one of the most dangerous and powerful empires in the 13th and 14th century. The Mongols were known for conquering most of the eastern empires of that time. Some may argue that the Mongols spread their culture and blended it with cultures across the eastern empires. The mongols did not desire to blend their culture and ideals with other empires but desired power and wealth and only what would benefit their own empire. The Mongols would take citizens from empires they conquered and recruit them into their army, make them slaves or require the citizens to pay tribute. This does not sound like the blending of cultures but the complete and utter enslavement of a group of people. The Mongols did not make attempts at furthering cultural advances, they had no interest in the …show more content…

A man that encountered the Mongols described them as “extremely arrogant toward other people, [and] tend to anger . . . easily”(pg7,1.1). Which is a first hand account of them being ill-tempered and angry. An example of the Mongols being harsh would be that if you are caught giving a captive food or clothing ,without the captors permission, you will be put to death. The Mongols have also been described by two different men who had different encounters with them as inhuman and beastly, and the men also stated that the Mongols would thirst for blood and go as far as tearing off the flesh of dogs and eating it. The Mongols would have also put you to death if they caught you stealing in their territory. They fully believe that they are destined to conquer the whole world which only prompts them to be more violent in nature, so that they can fulfill this ideal of theirs. The Mongols did not require the blending of culture or advancements in the arts, they required power and ruthless, vicious warriors to obtain this power and to fulfill this ideal of conquering the whole

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