Why Do Liberals And Radicals Join Together

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David Ryan
Period 6
Chapter 8, Sections 2-3

Section 2, Question 6 The biggest reason liberals and radicals would join together is because they both believed in nationalism. Radicals and liberals argued and discussed the problems of government. A brand new idea called nationalism movement was created. Nationalism is the belief that people 's biggest loyalty should not be to a ruler like a king or empire. It should be a nation a people that share similar and common culture and history.when a independence government forms in a nation it is called nation-state. That nation-state has to defend the nations way of life and territory. And one of its biggest roles is to represent the whole nation to the rest of the world. The general population …show more content…

Some of the things Louis-Napoleon was doing were against the things they believed in. In December 1848, Louis-Napoleon, the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, won the presidential race. Eventually four years later, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte took the title of Emperor Napoleon III. A dominant part of French voters acknowledged this activity without grievance or any complaints. The French people were exhausted and tired of things be unstable. They respected in a new ruler who might bring peace and success to the French people. With Louis-Napoleon in power, he started to change and build many things. He started with constructing railroads. Another things that Louis-Napoleon focused on was encouraging industrialization. Industrialization is the way a society or country changes itself from mainly an agricultural society into a country that is based on the making and producing goods and services. Louis-Napoleon also promoted an ambitious program that was in the public works. With many of Louis-Napoleon 's changes and works, the unemployment in France decreased or went down. With the unemployment rate down it helped France 's economy tremendously and reduced he poverty in France. The country was starting to feel, experience, and see real prosperity. Prosperity is bringing great wealth and materials. France was doing very well. Some liberals may have disapproved with the way …show more content…

The peasants were given about half of the farmland in Russia. The government paid the nobles for their land so the peasants would have a place to stay and work. Many thought that nobles and serfs were holding the country of Russia back from improving. They had not yet been in the modern industrialized world. When the nobles ruled over the serfs the serfs had no powers. This situation was very similar to the slaves that we had in the south in the United States. It 's almost the same problem and situation. Just like in the United States people started to believe that it wasn 't right and wanted to see it be changed. Many Russians wanted to see it be stopped because it was holding them back from expanding and becoming more powerful and wealthier. If Russia and Alexander were not to change what was happening in Russia the country could have turned out very differently. There were a couple of consequences that the reform had but if the reform did not happen things would be very different and the people and citizens of Russia would have struggled and not been able to grow very much. It was holding the country back and the change was for

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