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Since the beginning of our civilization, Math has been playing a big role , from the geometric pyramids in Egypt to the heavy statistics of the Roman empire. Math has built our economy and the economy has built our Math, we can not be without the other. It has given us opportunities to study Physics, Chemistry and it took us to the moon and back. Even though people are fascinated by space missions and are dependent on our technical capabilities, a lot of people are still afraid of math. There is a decreasing interest of math, while there is an increasing need of Math, something needs to change. I think what we need to change, is the way we teach math. Firstly, I would say that when we teach math we are focusing on the wrong things, not all problems are caused by teachers or students. There is a too big emphasis on learning how to calculate, we forget to teach kids how things work, why we use information, or calculations the way we do. We rarely learn why things work, more often we memorise certain examples for certain functions. This way, we can not elaborate on our own and invent new things, because all we’ve gotten is a rock that we can’t work with, in comparison with clay. For example, to drive a car, do you need to know how the engine works? We do not, since there are mechanics, still, some driving schools have obligatory classes where you…show more content…
This is because in the real world, the big money is not made by the taxi drivers but by the engineers who make the cars. In the real world, everyone uses calculators, hand calculating is economically a waste of time, so why should the kids do it?. What we instead use time for is solving problems, we need to know what math to use because there aren’t any problems such as : “ you have this now do this“. While everyone don’t need and don’t want to solve mathematical problems, those who want to should be given the resources to do

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