Argumentative Essay: Does Speed Really Kill?

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The statement, “Does Speed Really Kill” is correct because of kinetic energy, breaking distance and reaction time. But there are safety features to help reduce damage and injuries during accidents in many different ways as to decrease the risk of a dangerous crash. Three types of some safety features include seat belts, crumple zones and ABS brakes. How safe these features are will be investigated throughout this report.

Consistently, governments and the police specialists target speeding drivers in their road safety campaigns and endeavours to lessen the street toll. The attention on speeding as a factor is regularly met with some contention, with numerous individuals guaranteeing that this approach is only "income raising" for the government. Kinetic energy is a key factor in speeding is of how kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Because when an object is moving it’s been stated to have kinetic energy. The faster you travel the more kinetic energy will radically increase. (Kinetic energy formula + examples)

When caused in an accident the energy would spread and cause major or minor force on the vehicle and passengers. But the kinetic energy will try and move on forward but would have been crushed by the
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If a car with a solid shell collides with an object, the occupants are severely injured. This is due to that none of the energy is dissipated through the shell in the collision and therefore the deceleration rate is faster than a without crumple zones. Crumple zones are designed to absorb the energy from the impact during a traffic collision by controlled deformation by crumpling. This increases the time for the passenger or car to fully stop. This amount of time is known as collision time. Increase in collision time means that this is more time in which energy is dissipated in the crash. Deceleration decreases as collision time increases because it has more time to
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