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There are many different places in this world that people want to visit. The places people want to visit are Bora Bora, Jamaica, Bahamas or other places the are amazing. Mine are all of the NHL stadiums, why you must ask well it's because that is my passion. I love hockey are everything about the sport that there is. “ Everyday is a great day for hockey” Mario Lemieux (quote). That is a quote I say everyday, it helps me want to make my dream of visiting every arena in the NHL. There are many stadiums I want to visit in the NHL but my number one is Madison Square Garden. There is a lot of history inside that arena, many think it is used for concerts. Yes it is but it is also know to be the New York Rangers hockey stadium. It is really neat to think they can have some many things down inside that stadium at the same time. It is also hard to believe all of the history there is at Madison Square Garden. That is the main reason i want to visit there so bad, is because of all the history it has there. If i can't get to Madison Square Garden …show more content…

You are probably thinking why all the NHL stadiums, well hockey is what I want to do with my life. When I grow up I want to go to school for Athletic Trainer and specialize in hockey. [Hockey is not already hard enough, so people hit you to make it hard.] Plus hockey has helped me get through things that I did not think would help me when I need it. Hockey is my happy place, so when something is going wrong I go to hockey. [Aside from being an athletic trainer] I just want to help people with anything no matter what it is. A funny thing about hockey is it is like an Indian Giver, you have the lead and it gets taken away. In hockey the ice can be really good; the players can affect the ice. [Since hockey is hard] they made it harder with skates which is fun. Hockey is a long game, so [after each period] they fix the

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