Why Is Benito Mussolini Successful

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Benito Mussolini was an Italian dictator who was born in July 29th 1883 in Predappio,
Italy. Mussolini was a disruptive but very intelligent student when he was a kid. He joined the socialist party in 1900. He served in the Italian army, he was considered Italy’s foremost socialist. After becoming editor of a socialist party newspaper he really improved leadership, when he started supporting WWI he got kicked out of that party. In 1919 he started the Italian
Combat Squad as an alternative to socialism. On October 31st 1922 he became the Prime
Minister of Italy. In 1925 he made himself a Dictator of Italy. After all of these achievements from him we can think he was a good guy, someone who could be successful and someone who knows what he is doing, but then he began colonizing African countries to start a new Roman
Empire. 1935’s Ethiopian War was made because of him, this war killed many people. He later began to become friends with Adolf …show more content…

That later made Germany and Italy allies.
In July he got removed from his power by the king of Italy and later arrested. When that
Happened the Fascist party was over and a truce was signed with their allies. Germany then invaded Italy in 1943. Meanwhile that happens, German forces free Mussolini from prison, which meant that their relationship was still very strong. He wanted to retire from politics but then again became leader of a new fascist regime called The Italian Socialist Republic. On April 27 1945 he tried to escape to Switzerland but was later caught by Italians and was killed by the next day. His body was then hung in a Milan town square. With some facts we know that Benito Mussolini killed at least 30,000 Ethiopians during the war. They use chemical weapons and air power to defeat the Ethiopians. They were later executed (about

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