Why Is Books Better Than Books

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Until movies became popular, books were the primary source of intellectual entertainment. Now that people can watch the adaptation of a book, which is thought to be effortless and more efficient, books have become significantly less popular. People have become lazy and decided that watching the adaptation is the “easy” way out. Especially in the younger generations, it is evident that these days reading is becoming even less common as a leisure activity. Although movies are visually dynamic, books are just as interesting and much more beneficial than movies because they expand your vocabulary, reduce stress and even help reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Although they might take longer to complete and require some effort, books are far more efficient than books. Books are the healthier and also more interesting option. Movies provide you with almost everything you could imagine, which leaves you with no chance to use your imagination and picture the characters or setting the way the reader wants to. In addition to these reasons, books are also commonly recognized as more effective because they are far more detailed and have a better story. Often times, the adaptations of books are disappointing to the viewers who read the book. Adaptations often have unfitted actors, miss the best scenes or even change the story line. An …show more content…

She invites all of the workers to a party that she is hosting before Christmas, and the workers are motivated to finish their job so that Annie can host the party.
By the end of the book, Peter and Annie are settled into their renovated house. After a tough transition year, filled with guests, renovations and other situations, they finally find themselves relaxed in their dream place where they can finally enjoy and call their

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