Essay On Does A Master's Degree To Become Successful

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Does One Need a Master’s Degree to Become Successful? How Important Is to Achieve a Degree Throughout the History?
Throughout the first half of 20th century until the World War II school was accessible only to the elected part of population or to the elite. School promised something higher and exceptional what made the elite and the elected people aware of what the rest of society had never had the chance to discover. (Keller and Tvrdý 23)
After this period, education becomes more accessible and appears in an almost every developed country, which leads to a massive improvement of a standard of living, transportation and social security. What was in the recent history untouchable for nearly all of the people, is now common for everyone. There is a new general right access to an education which is limited by your own abilities only. The age, sex or ethnicity has no longer the power to determine whether one belongs or does not belong to the elite.
However, the ability factor occurs, which indicates that the abilities of an each student are significant for getting a job. The ability of expressing yourself, your cultural overview or a behavioural style are more crucial than a degree to turn into a successful person. A degree does not guarantee an advancement and often does not guarantee the stability of a social status in comparison with …show more content…

Home education can be even more effective than a formal schooling, especially nowadays when it can be enhanced by modern technologies. As Keller and Tvrdý say in their book, the need of higher education increase with every generation and with every year yet the necessity of a degree may be only an illusion. Although everyone’s future is dependent on the level of education (the higher education you achieve, the more doors open in front of you), the exceptions above prove the

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