Why Is The 13th 15th Amendment Important

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The base of the United States of America is made of of the amendments in the Declaration of Independents. These are our basic laws and freedoms that set out country aside from the rest of the world. The Constitution was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1787. It was compiled and signed by a group of men known as America’s Founding Fathers. The Amendments are crucial to keeping our country organized, just, and consistent; this country was built up from the Constitution. It would not be the same if the amendments were not created, interpreted, or stated exactly how they are originally. It is debatable which amendment is the most important, in my opinion the Reconstruction Amendments are the most important because they state the rules that are the …show more content…

It sets the unchangeable rules and fundamentals of this country. The 13th-15th amendments are extremely important and are by far the most important amendments in the Constitution. They are identified as the Reconstruction Amendments because they were the first to be passed in response to the Civil War, they were passed one after another. All three were passed by Republicans after they won and became incharge of America. The Democratic party had never officially agreed to these amendments but Republicans used the fact that they could force the opposing party into abiding their laws to their advantage. Their goal was to establish a bit of equality between African Americans and the Whites. Although there were many people in the South that were against equality, the laws were made and everyone was made to follow them. Of course these laws were not adhered to at the beginning, it definitely took some time to get the slavery supporters to follow the constitution. Even then there were some that still found loopholes and refused to respect their fellow citizens, the black …show more content…

Many became motivational speakers, advisors, authors, mathematicians, etc. These are all careers full of knowledgeable, open-minded heads that would bring advancements in our country. Allowing them to vote gives us insight and an alternate perspective on the world. A white and a black have different ways of viewing the world, with many different past experiences. The 15th amendment allows America to be a real home for all people, they help it to be fair and diverse. Our legal system now includes people from all races. Our previous president was an African American, Barack

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