Why Bible Is Boring

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Why is the Bible so boring?«
How many times while reading the Bible did you ask yourself: »Why is the Bible so boring?«
Don't worry about having a difficult time understanding the Bible. I assure you that you're not alone.
3 main reasons, why the Bible is, in my opinion, hard to read and seems boring and unintelligible are as follows:
1. The Bible is an extensive and challenging book that differs from all of the other books. It consists of several scriptures, that are very different in the scope, purpose and content. Therefore we must read them in a different way compared to the rest of the literature.

2. The Bible was put together in thousands of years. It was written in Hebrew, Aramaic and ancient Greek language. It was meant for the people of
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Pick up the Bible every day
Dedicate at least a small amount of time to reading the Bible every day. Adjust the lenght of the passage according to the time you'll spend reading.

2. Pray
Before reading pray to the Holy Spirit for proper understanding of the passage and to God for blessing.

3. Discover the purpose of the passage
Discover the purpose of the book, from which you're reading the passage. You must know if it comes from the New or Old testament. Is it a history book, wisdom book, letter to an individual or to a certain church...? Read the title of the book and look through the paragraphs before and after the passage you'll be reading.

4. Read the passage multiple times
First discover it's meaning and then look for the details. Try to understand, which message God is trying to give you through the passage. What does it mean for you? Is it pointing out a certain mistake you made or a disadvantage, you have to change?

5. Choose a paragraph, that spoke to you the most
Write down the paragraph or a word, that spoke to you the most. Learn it by heart and repeat it all day.

6. Acknowledgements
Thank to God for the things he showed to you in the passage and ask for God's help to make the necessary
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