Why Pit Bulls Are Good Pets

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Pit Bulls (why they are good pets) Wow! That’s a nice pet you got there. Pit Bulls are known as one of the nicest pets there is. They were placed 2nd behind a Labrador retriever. It all depends on how they are raised. They will turn vicious if they are not raised right. For starters, Pit Bulls are very healthy, intelligent, and athletic. Some of the Pit Bulls health issues aren’t life threatening. If you take them outside once or twice every day they will not have diseases. According to petfinder.com it states that “Pit bulls are relatively healthy, there is nothing life threatening issues if they don’t get much fresh air.” However their intelligence is really positive. If there is something like an attack or and burglary they will know what to do if they aren’t trained enough like others. Also they are always smart to not go pondering off in a four lane intersection. In addition to, thy have really awesome athleticism. As far as this one goes, it could be one of the best things a pit bull has in them. They can participate in a dog sport. That’s if they know what to do. Furthermore, “Pit Bulls don’t require much grooming, don’t shed as much, and they don’t have a mess with their hair” says, petfinder.com. There thin coat of hair doesn’t require grooming. That’s only when they need a …show more content…

For example, they will do anything to protect their owner. Sometimes they will turn on you and that wouldn’t be pretty to see. However they are really great with children. They will do anything with them from sleeping with them to protecting them. For example, according to petfinder.com “Pit Bulls will play with them and children should be taught how to play with them.” On the other hand, Pit Bulls are willing to protect. Which they make really good protectors. They will protect humans and animals. For example, if there is an animal or human getting attacked, they will bark and do anything they can to free

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