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Why Schools Should not have Uniforms Imagine being a student, wearing the same outfit to school everyday and not just any outfit, a school uniform. How does it affect students’ academics and school life? School uniforms, often used in private schools, are gaining numbers in public schools. There is a large debate on whether school uniforms benefit or harm students. The first reason public schools should not have uniforms is that regardless of what school uniform proponents say, school uniforms will not prevent bullying. Second, students are being refrained of the ability to express themselves. Third, uniforms are teaching students conformity rather than individuality. Although school uniforms may have benefits, students will excel more when …show more content…

According to classroom.synonym.com, “at some schools, students have created a hierarchy by wearing brand-name dress shirts, expensive shoes, watches and jewelry”. The quote supports the claim by giving examples on how students can bully without using clothing. Students can create a hierarchy of wealth by owning expensive accessories or supplies in other words, proving their supremacy over the lower class students. This shows how uniforms do not stop bullying or students within gangs. By doing this, it supports that there is no use in having uniforms to stop bullying. Despite the fact that uniforms do not put a complete stop to bullying within students, they do help in reducing it. Yes, there may have been a decrease in bullying the same time that uniforms were implemented, however there might have been a different cause. The decrease in bullying most likely was caused by schools also enforcing the rules much stricter once they got the uniforms. In addition, the teachers have learned about the risks of bullying, consequently enforcing the anti-bully rules to prevent bullying. Students have become well educated about bullying so they are prepared to stand up for themselves or others in cases of bullying. Moreover, uniforms may rid bullying fears, but they may create some as well. Classroom.synonym.com says, “some students don't feel they …show more content…

“We live in a dynamic society, full of unique characters that have made our world a spontaneous one. Cutting that off at such a young age only stifles creativity and encourages conformity.” stated by school-uniforms.procon.org. The claim is supported by the quote because it explains how our society is meant to think openly. Our world teaches us to think openly and come up with out of the box ideas. Is cutting off that creativity with uniforms really a good idea? Even the Constitution encourages us to have freedom of choice as 1st Amendment guarantees no restrictions of freedom of speech of press. By enforcing uniforms, students are restricted from the freedom of choice in clothing therefore contradicting the 1st Amendment. Relating to the thesis, uniforms should not be in schools since it cuts off the imaginative spirit from students. Some may argue that school uniforms do not suppress creativity, but merely encourages children to express their personalities in methods other than clothing. While there may be methods in which creativity can be expressed other than clothing, many are not as skilled in other expressive arts such as drawing, poetry, or theatre. They therefore turn towards fashion and clothing design as a way to show their personalities. Especially at a young age, students need to explore and find out their own preferences relating to appearance. They

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