Summary Of Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results

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Joanne Lipman wrote an article on “why tough teachers gets good results”. Teachers used to call students names and even physically correct them, in the today world they would have already been fired. Lipman doesn’t believe in calling kids names but he also doesn’t believe in this, “the conventional wisdom holds that teachers are supposed to tease knowledge out of students, rather than pound it into their heads”. There are eight principle and research that explain why the conventional wisdom is wrong. Tough teachers do get good results and they always will. This article “why tough teachers gets good results” is a very effective article and would be useful for other teachers. The author talks about when she was in school and what the teachers …show more content…

“Fifteen-year-olds in the U.S. trail students in 12 other nations in science and 17 in math”, according to this study tough teachers do get the better results. Even when I was in school, I would remember the material better if the teachers made it challenging. I also had a teacher that was too tough and then it made me not want to do anything. When students get back a correction from the teacher and the teacher is all sweet about it the student will probley think o it’s not a big deal if I do it again. If the teacher seems like he or she is mad then the student will want to fix it so he or she will not get yelled at. Teachers also though have to be careful on what they say even though they need to be tough. The articles main point is to describe why tough teachers get good results. I do agree on everything the article said especially this “now I 'm not calling for abuse; I 'd be the first to complain if a teacher called my kids names”. Teachers can still be tough without being abusive, teachers just need to be strict. I also agree on the eight principles why the conventional wisdom is wrong. The eight principles are a little pain is good for you, drill, baby, drill, failure is an option, strict is better than nice, creativity can be learned, grit trumps talent, praise makes you week….. and while stress makes you

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