The King Of Snide Case Study

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“The King of Snide at Westside Middle”
The case study “The King of Snide at Westside Middle” would be best summarized as a principal faced with addressing an unethical situation on campus involving one of her teachers and students. As the situation arises, the administrator is faced with answering challenging questions, such as, “What you could do given the circumstances?” and “What should you do given the circumstances?”
According to the case, “The King of Snide at Westside Middle School”, a teacher on campus is labeled “The King of Snide” by the students and his colleagues because of the rude comments he makes towards everyone around him except those that are superior to him. The administrator on campus has heard on many occasions that this particular teacher ridicules students who disagree with him and that he responds to the students with a negative response, for example," I don 't suffer fools easily." With this type of behavior, he is disrupting the moral …show more content…

As the administrator of the campus, when deciding what to do in this situation, I would first identify the different types of actions I could use to respond to this particular situation. Second, I would determine all of the benefits and harm that would result from the action with the parties involved. Third, I would choose the action that provides the greatest benefits. Therefore, I would utilize the Social contract theory to address this

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