Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results By Joanne Lipman

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Expository Essay
Author Joanne Lipman in the article, “Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results”, proves that teachers that are tough on their students, are doing an amazing job in the teaching field. In a situation involving a strict teacher, a teacher in New Jersey used harsh words among his students and poked at them whenever they were incorrect to improve the way they used their instruments. In the long run, many of his students became highly successful. This goes to show that even aggressive and ferocious teachers and professors care about their students in their best interest. Lipman supports her claim by proving that statistically, disciplinary teachers are improving their students, students that don’t show grit are proven to seek failure, and the further teachers push their students, the more goals they’ll achieve. The author’s purpose is to express the ideals of strict teachers and to inform readers and students that teachers are hard on them for a reason. In order to indicate why students shouldn’t feel threatened or frightened by tough teachers, Lipman also shows that teachers are improving the learning environment. I strongly agree with the author’s claim on how tough teachers receive astounding results.
A primary reason I strongly agree with Lipman’s claim is because she demonstrates certain statistics that show how strict teachers are improving their students more sufficiently. For example, Lipman writes, “ … In a 2006 study, a Bowling Green State University

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